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Kenta Kobashi Retires

Edit: Now with pics of the actual retirement show!

50 years old cancer survivor.  Still doing perfect moonsaults off the top rope 0_o

My favourite Japanese puro wrestler Kenta Kobashi retired this weekend.  Although I’m sad to see him hang up the boots, he was definitely in the twilight of his career and its a far better way to go out than his childhood friend and long time rival Mitsuharu Misawa who died in the ring four years ago.

Kobashi was a barrel-chested freak of nature who was famous for his hard hitting chops, incredibly physical matches and being a crowd favourite for the better part of three decades in Japan.  He’s probably had more classic matches than you’ve had hot dinners.

Without doubt my favourite match of his was from 2003 in Pro Wrestling NOAH when he fought for the GHC World Heavyweight title.  The match is a bruising encounter, has a molten hot crowd and is pretty much amazing from start to finish. It’s featured in its entirety in the Youtube clip below.

Happy retirement, big guy!

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