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Get Your Motor Running

My poor boys!!

I suppose there arent any real words of wisdom to cheer anybody up really so all i can do is suggest a song…More Than a Feeling by Boston. Silly cheesy 80’s rock that you can sing along to and feel like an eejit but not give a flying fuck.

I can relate to both of Sam and Edo’s dilemmas. I skip class alot, and my grades well…they’re a pass but barely. I failed to turn up to an exam last term, so i have to retake that and thats as bad as it gets but…i’m an idiot. And i graduate next year. Which is a flying kick in the head to reality. JOB TIME. I’ve never had a real job, i mean i had to put Edo down as a reference one time because i didnt know who else to put on my resume! Theres no way in hell i am moving back in with my parents after i graduate, so i have hatched a little plan to stay at uni and put off reality another year. And it doesnt mean failing on purpose. I’m going to run for International Student Representative!!! You gotta get elected but as students we’re so slack that no one gives a toss who does what on the student council. It pays 16 grand a year and you basically just ‘help’ students. In my case…the international ones. Sweet.

Why are we so scared of getting older?

I’m looking forward to getting back to seeing my friends back at uni, of seeing someone in particular, to the summer when i can see ismay and sam and laugh about being MWA, to lying on the grass and not caring about what i should and shouldnt be doing at that time, to dancing on the stage at Area like a fool, and to a lifetime of forever catching up with old friends…

And that is what is gonna keep me going.

I luv you fellas. Without you, Brunei and my life would not have been the same.

Pat: you were once my boyfriend, and i thought you were the hot EVEN if you did wear that skank red cap
Sam: i love it when we get hang out again, to smoke bitch and be retarded. Booby shakeage at full effect.
Edo: you make me laugh, and its so easy to be silly together. All i have to say is poo and its already funny.
Matt: i used to pinch your cheeks and tease you about your mum doing the same…only not the same kinda cheeks
Mike: your randomness rules.

This blaow cow is out of here.

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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