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I got confirmation last week that I have been offered a contract to work here. This is one of the most famous animal welfare organisations in the city, if not the country! I am both scared and excited to work with four legged friends and leave behind the shallow world of television far behind me. I will have to wear office appropriate clothes! I will finish work at 5pm! I will get a subsidised lunch allowance! I’m not sure I even understand what that means, but its new and I like it. I will not want to cry every time I have to work late because at the end of the day its all for a greater good and not because some pompous industry head did not like the lighting/coffee/cocktail/flowers/stationery or whatever silly thing that used to make me trudge home at 9pm on a Tuesday night.

Last Friday, a friend and I took a train to Whitstable an hour and half outside the city. It was a nice little seaside town with beautiful houses by the sea and colourful beach huts. We took a walk along the shore and I walked past the Yacht Club. It was mostly full of retired folk and not feral dogs and children like Serasa. It was quite a picturesque place and I dont think it’s massively touristy as there was a huge lack of tacky gift shops in the high street and we seemed to be the only non locals around. I had to rely on my phone to take any pictures that day.




I have LOVED every day of my work “hiatus”.  I have seen more of my family and friends in these past weeks than I have for the whole of last year. I have taken day trips to the seaside, attended a cake conference and workshop, gotten to know my neighbours, read dozens of books, sunbathed in my own garden, fixed up the flat, painted the kitchen. I started to live my life instead of letting others dictate it. I’m back to work on the 29th, but in the mean time I will put my feet up with this little guy…


About Angela

Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.


  1. Well done on the job change Angela, and good to see you’re enjoying your work hiatus. Life really is about living it your way and not having others tell you how you should do with it.

    Your mention of stray dogs and annoying kids running around makes me nostalgic for Serasa now…

  2. Glad to hear you got an awesome new place to work at. And with paid lunches 😮

    Basically echoing Dan’s sentiment that its pretty important that you’re happy at your place of work. I’m loving my current marketing job and it helps give me a very cheery disposition outside of it.

  3. Thats Awesome – will come visit you sometime…do people do that – just visit the centre…

  4. “do people do that – just visit the centre…”

    I believe its called ‘giving false hope to homeless animals’. If you visit, you should take one home as a pet otherwise you’re just being a dick.

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