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Lobster tartare, smoked scallop and salsify Organic carrot jelly, quinoa and orange

Last night I attended a degustation dinner at Urbane for an end of month celebration with my colleagues at work.  People were allowed to bring their partners so it was a group of twenty in a private room with seven courses and matching wines which is the perfect recipe for an awesome night.  I’d never had a degustation with such ...

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Restaurant II

Grilled Rannoch Farm Quail, Moroccan Spices, Organic Carrot Puree, Mougrabieh, Labna, Burnt Orange Butter

As a special treat to ourselves while we’ve been holidaying over Easter Break, Jen and I decided to hit up Restaurant II in the city for their degustation.  They recently refurbished their building and the restaurant came highly recommended in the Queensland Food and Wine Guide, earning two stars. Our verdict?  It was a bit of a mixed bag to ...

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Buffalo Club

Smoked beef jerky, lime, chili, cilantro, onion, peppers, avocado

Jen and I finally had a chance to dine at Buffalo Club last night.  The venue has a bit of a reputation. Its head chef Ryan Squires was recently awarded Australia’s Best New Talent and his degustation had won a handful of local foodie awards so we were anxious to give it a try.  We had booked about a month ...

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Whats Next?


With Mike and Matt leaving this morning, that was the last of the 30+ overseas visitors we had for our wedding returning home.  It was nice to see them all.  I’m looking forward to the group photo from the wedding taken by the photographer as a nice keepsake of the past six weeks. This rather eventful year continues this week ...

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Tetsuya’s Restaurant

Smoked ocean trout with caviar

While visiting Sydney for work, I made a booking for a restaurant in the city called Tetsuya’s.  We had read about the restaurant and its chef Tetsuya Wakuda, whose cullinary skills attracted world recognition.  It was the first time me and Jen also got to try a degustation menu. For the uninitiated: Degustation is a culinary term meaning “a careful, ...

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