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Whats Next?

With Mike and Matt leaving this morning, that was the last of the 30+ overseas visitors we had for our wedding returning home.  It was nice to see them all.  I’m looking forward to the group photo from the wedding taken by the photographer as a nice keepsake of the past six weeks.

This rather eventful year continues this week with the long-awaited announcement at work over the future of our jobs.  Apparently, we’ll likely find out this week.  Fingers crossed.

Life goes on in Brisbane.  This Saturday, I’ll be checking out Allan’s band Lightsleeper.  Next week, we booked a degustation at a new restaurant for Tuesday night.  Degustations have been my favourite discovery of the past year.  Nothing beats spending a night having multi-course dinners with matching wines, talking crap with friends and then having a dram of whisky at home for a nightcap.

I’m digging the married life.

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