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Anwar aquitted of sodomy charges

Long before the FAT website was endorsing political candidates like Kevin Rudd and Barack Obama, thirteen years ago we were singing protest songs in support of Anwar Ibrahim, a progressive opposition candidate in Malaysia who ran against Doctor Mahatir in Malaysia.  Anwar was jailed for trumped up sodomy charges to derail his campaign in 2000 and was freed four years ...

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FIFA 2010 – Time to cross the line?

I’ve alluded to it before in the last two years but now I’m seriously considering doing the unthinkable: I think I might buy a FIFA game instead of Pro Evo this year. It’s not a decision to be made lightly. But first, a history lesson:  Football is an important part of the fabric that makes up some of the friendships ...

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Pat’s New Year Message to Brunei is back ladies and Gentelmen. The world comes together to give the boys a standing applause to welcome them back online. And it is now 2001. Year 2000 has finished and my god what a year it has been. Probably one of the most eventful years of my life. Top Ten moments of 2000: 1. Moved to Canada 2. ...

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