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We’ve made it to Wednesday

Today, posters went up all around school saying…
“Glenunga Idol, coming soon!”

How exciting… I think I should do it. This could be my five seconds of fame. He he he.

There must be something in the air, everyone is posting at the moment. It’s nice, It makes us feel more like a community again. I had an idea today actually. Bing! (easy-bake oven noise…) After Edo’s most recent forum topic, I think we should really make a go of getting in touch with all Brunei people. Maybe we could get a spot for people to write down their name and years spent in Brunei and school (which could turn out to be very controversial… JIS, grrrrr!) Maybe we could dig out some old class photos. It’d be so interesting to know what everyone’s doing now.

I’m reading this book at the moment (yes, more book talk) called ‘Woman at Point Zero’. It’s written by an Egyptian woman and it’s supposed to be taken from a true story which makes it really disturbing because the girl in the book appears to be raped constantly by various family members before she even begins primary school. And they circumcise her with a razor!

I spoke to me best friend, Camilla, the other night. It was great catching up. She’s loving Uni life and all the extras. Like going to hypnotic sessions on Monday nights… Apparently they hold all these interesting lectures and last week they went to a hypnotist. And there seemed to be a very interesting story coming up but then the credit ran out. so I guess we’ll never know just what happened in there.

Hmmm… I hope something exciting happens soon. Nothing really interesting has happened since last weekend. I need regular instalments.

Note:  This blog was written by Erin Wallis

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