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me perdi en Limon…

Our trip grew from a three day zip down the Caribian coast (where the Love Boat lives for those of you who don’t know your 30-year-old day-time T.V. ) in to a weeks stay in Puerto Viejo where we made friends with hot black boys, drank lots of Casiqui, got completly water-logged learning how to surf and came home with all our clothes smelling like pot because ‘Mata’ is the air they brethe down there…
It was awesome though, We found out when we were in the city of Limon that after a huge storm, one of the main bridges conecting San Jose with Limon had fallen down and that we wouldn’t be able to get out until after the weekend. A sleezy rich American guy in a Corvette offered us a ride home via other road systems but after careful consideration, we turned it down and decided to stay on. I’m so happy we did. I left my heart in Puerto Viejo….

It’s really quiet at the moment. I guess you’re all in brunei catching up every couple of hours and don’t have time for the rest of us anymore..

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