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God bless Spy Magazine

You know it almost pains me to see my face on this site everyday… updating over and over again… but i guess the simple explanation is that i have alot more free time than anyone else… (i think).

Item 1) I just read what looks to be the first installment of the soon to be released Spy-mag wrestling column… wow! this is the most indepth item of wrestling that i have ever read… trust me i have read many a wrestling article. Love wrestling or not, when it comes out, you have to admit it is a masterful piece of research and just general dedication.

Item 2) I would like to state that the following is not simply for the purpose of self-promoting this site but simply one of the reasons why i love this site so much:

As i am currently on summer holiday (due to me schooling in england), i have alot of spare time on my side. One of the first things i do in the morning is check my mail, check up on a couple of other sites and then strole over to this one… and today there it was: the JENNIFER ELLISON gallery! my word! Now, label me as you will but i see nothing wrong with someones day being made all that much better by snapping one off to a gorgeous women…


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