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Batman Returns [1992]

Batman Returns is the sequel to the hugely popular Batman film by Tim Burton.  It was released three years after the original, retained Burton and Keaton but introduced two new villains – Danny De Vito as Penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer in probably her most famous cinematic role as Cat Woman. I mentioned in my review of Batman that I thought ...

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Batman [1989]

Batman is a crime-fighting comic book super hero created by Bob Kane that has captured the imagination of readers and has been a part of popular culture for over seventy years.  While the Dark Knight has a long and illustrious history in print, he also has a pretty solid legacy in film also. Tim Burton’s Batman, released in 1989, was ...

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The Bat Website

You know who’s a cool dude?  Batman. I know everyone’s excited about The Avengers right now and all the talk is about Hulk this and Iron Man that.  The Avengers was a good movie to be sure but personally, I’m way more hyped for the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.  Batman is the greatest of all of the ...

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Top Ten Video Games of 2011

2011 was a transitional year in the video games industry that saw the Playstation Portable, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii all reach the end of their lifespan.  They’re sure to linger on the shelves for a couple more years but all new significant software development has transitioned to the Playstation Vita, the 3DS and the Wii U. One of the ...

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