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Don’t Die Post. Please.

Well. seems my last post screwed things up.

Typing quietly is hard. Barry and Marty have passed out on the floor, and i dont wanna wake them by my super fly typing skills. Plus i havent asked Barry’s permission to use the computer. Sneaky, muahaha!

Anyway. So i spent the week at home. It got so boring. I wanted to scream. My dad was all ‘ahhh, you must be so chilled out now’. Yeah daddy-o, any more ‘chilling out’ and i’ll shrivel and die like a raisin. All wrinkly and stuff. I was so so so glad to be back in Harrow (BO SELECTA-TA-TA!) and when i came home to an empty flat i called Anna and discovered they were at the bar. The beloved Undercroft. Our sanctuary away from uni’s stupidities. So i went off, and like an excitable little chihuahua i ran around getting rounds in, and hugging all the people MIA over summer. It was good. I got asked by about three people if i was a fresher and i was like NO, i’m a third year, i’m a veteran at this shit, so go away.
Except i wasnt that rude. Not my fault i look so damn young for my age. When the bar shut, we gate crashed Halls, and sniffed out any fresher parties to score more booze. No such luck. So we got home where i cooked food for everyone. Things are already getting back into swing again. Excellent.

Rob arrives back from Hong Kong today. I met one of the crazy randoms moving into their house. I think the guy has potential to be a Legendary Dude. Apparently he went across to the girl’s house and said ‘aren’t you gonna let me in?’ Man. What can you say to that? Legendary i tell you.

It is sunrise here now. The plan for today is to go into town to pay the rent, buy that jacket i’ve been eyeing up all month, and i dunno. Hang with the girls, or get some lunch with Anna. And then more raz. Always more raz.


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I love Angela’s posts. Such good stories and writing style.

Posted by Edo @ 09/17/2003 04:36 PM AST

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