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A eugooglizer?!

I watched Zoolander earlier. It’s funny. i mean *reaally reaally reaally ridiculously* funny.

One of my favourite movies of all time, and thats a pretty hard choice to make, is The Lost Boys. It’s so bad it’s good. Cuz i like vampire flicks, and i LOVE 80’s flicks, and this movie is both. Keifer Sutherland with a mullet…you know what? it actually suits him. Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, you have to. I SAY SO! if not, seeing Corey Haim in really bad 80’s clothes is worth a laugh. Oh yeah, and Corey Feldman. Whatever happened to him? he was creepy.

Its 4am. I fly in 15 hours. This trip has gone by so fast. I say that all the time, but my god has it flown by! I am so sleep deprived. Too sleepy to even start getting nostalgic, and before you know the Fred Savage in me is out again. When i was little i thought Freddy Krueger was the shit. Is that normal for a six year old? How can one child find that freak so delightful whereas the sight of Kevin Bacon would send me cowering behind my hands?

Why must the weather in England be so crap? I dont wanna go back to shit weather. Summer, my arse.

I want to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Anything with a character called Willy Wonka, surrounded by creatures called Oompa Loompas has to be great.

You know what else is quite scary? talking about Def Lepard reminded me of it. It has been a whole YEAR since that time me, mike, sam, matt and jacopo were hanging out in Sam’s squat singing along to Def Lepard songs, munching on Chiz Curls.

Posted by Angela @ 04:45 AM AST [Link]

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Posted by frgs @ 03/03/2004 10:05 PM AST

bye bye angela :o(

i love this site.

why have i not known about the existance of an actual ‘blog’ page til today?

i know. i thought BB was still on and you and sam got booted off, and i stopped reading. :\

i love this site.

update please 😀

Posted by sha @ 07/22/2002 12:10 AM AST

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