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Vampires and men both want to suck the life out of you

Hello Eeryone.

Happy Birthday Edo!

Lost Boys was really creepy. I hated that movie when i was a kid, it scared the shit out of me. Keifer Sutherland is evil. I thought the original Buffy movie was quite cool though…but then that was all a long time ago. I mean, back then, who didn’t want to be rich, move to Europe and marry Christian Slater? Apparently it was every American teeny-bopper’s dream. So i guess that Buffy quote, like, epitomised a generation or something.

As far as vampire movies go, watch Dracula. The one with Winona Ryder and Anthony Hopkins. It’s scary, erotic and the only movie where Keanu Reeves’ acting is half-decent. Oh, and Gary Oldman is fantastic as Dracula.

Things you never knew about your closest girlfriends come out when you have a weekend gabfest.
Secret tattoos, secret lovers and not-so-secret other stuff. And we always try to reach an agreement to swear off guys for a good,long while. Of course, it hardly ever works out that way. But we all agreed on one thing – Every man possesses at least one of the following:

1) A predisposition for lying
2) A bi-polar personality disorder

and the perennial favourite,

3) The asshole gene

I’m not bitter. Can you tell?

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