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England…LA LA LA LA LA

I am not going to go off about it as Matt covered that topic, but i have to express my joy and happiness for England winning the world cup on Australian soil. I mean its the biggest thing we have won since 1966, so we have to milk it for all we’ve got. Good ol Wilko, Johnson, Robinson, and unsung hero Lawrence Dalligio (sp?). I admit to shedding a few tears of pure joy after watching that drop goal go through the posts. What a moment for English sport.

Went to town on Sunday to pick up a Daily mail and everywhere was closed…bollocks. I wanted to read all about the England win.

I found some weird photos lying around on my removeable disk. So here you go.

What a view!
Patlookspy (50k image)

I am a productive student as you can see.
patshoppingcart (59k image)

party (59k image)

Party at the pub on foreign student night. Click here and click on foreign student party and then to the photo section for all the photos on those Monday nights. Updated often.

Tonight is a Gala party…with free champagne. Should be tasty.

Today is a busy week, on Thursday i have a field trip to Brussels and then on Friday, its off to Paris for the weekend. Should be great, so stoked for this week.

Better go cook some food. Have to get creative now, living on my own and all…*tear*


Posted by Pat @ 03:47 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

you look pretty buff in that first picture dude.

Posted by Edo @ 11/25/2003 03:55 PM AST

doesnt the guy with pat on the last photo look kinda like Majid?


Posted by Matt @ 11/25/2003 09:19 AM AST

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