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The hardest button to button

Ahhh…i sit here in suburban bliss, looking out at the window, watching the ice form on the roads and the windows, while i sit here in my sister’s cosy house and think ‘bugger, its not going to be so cosy after tonight’. I’ve been here since saturday, thought i’d get a bit of ‘me’ time as well as a bit of family time thrown in too. I was planning on staying here for like a week, but i got a text message from Andre one of the guys in my documentary group telling me there’s a meeting tomorow at half eleven. Stupid driven foreign students, let me slack off!!!!

Huhuhuh, Pat it looks like you gave your leftover hair to Adam.

The world has gone rugby crazy. Just cause England won. I was at Rob’s house the morning the game was on, and even though they’re all die hard football fans, they were banging on each other’s door at 9am to wake up to watch the game live on telly. Gay. I just slept. I’m good at that.

So i’m trying to work out what to write my dissertation on. I’m doing research now…right now i’m toying with the idea of Violent Women in Film. But i still like my witches idea…i have til Thursday so thats not a very long time to make up my mind and write a proposal for it.

I woke up this morning (well, afternoon if i have to honest) with a dog on my head. My sister had dropped off her chihuahua and its decided to make a nest on my head. Along with this, i get a text message from Tom, but all i can remember about that message was that it said Poolllllllly! alot so altogether i had a very strange way to wake up today. Thought that needed to be shared. Its not everyday and it’s not very often you get to have a chihuahua on your head. Cosy little creatures they are.

Apparently my folks are going weird cuz i’m sick. Tthey think i’ve been sick continously since September. I dont know where they got this idea into their head. But anyway, when i get to Brunei they’re sending me off to the hospital for tests. My sister’s think this is quite amusing. I dont. They’ll make me run, and do all sorts of stupid little things just to tell me that i’m unfit and should eat healthier. See…i already know what’s wrong with me. My mum is gonna try rope me into having a milk bath. Fat chance lady!

Its well foggy outside now. Its starting to feel like Christmas. This is good. It brings warm fuzzies to the mind.

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