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I just barfed, ya hoser

my head is going to explode.

2 reports, due on the same day, both 3000 words each. on the most dullest subject ever. EDO HELP ME OUT!! you got anything on globalisation (to do with Disney) or identity (to do with romeo and juliet)? you told me you finished that stuff…i’m in a MAJOR panic here!!!

Aside from that, i feel ill. I really like Mesmerize by Ja Rule. I want a hot dog toastie, and for john to tuck me into bed. this is me having a tantrum, everyone.

New Years was fun, had alot of laughs at alot of people (which was mean, but thats just me) and I got to catch up with Yusof, Jess, Chloe, Axel and Ben who i havent seen in like, 3 years. I also have the weirdest tan line on my arm. I fell asleep outside after i was chasing the monkeys with my camera, and also because i had been up all night, and the ground was so comfy this afternoon, and i had my arms outstretched and when i woke up, i had half a brown arm. Funky.

Do canadians really say hoser alot….eh?

Posted by Angela @ 02:12 AM AST [Link]

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Posted by angela @ 01/08/2003 06:39 PM AST

oo, er. sorry, i don’t know that one.

Posted by Edo @ 01/08/2003 06:04 PM AST

its the one about the issues of gender, sexuality and ethnicity in it. Well…the Baz Luhrmann version anyway.

Posted by angela @ 01/08/2003 03:49 PM AST

Is that the Heritage vs. History essay?

Posted by Edo @ 01/07/2003 08:21 PM AST

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