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…I’m not that innocent

Just thought this might be of interest:


it made me smile, and cry at the same time.

Posted by Sam @ 09:35 AM AST [Link]

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i just don’t think it’s that big a deal. i mean, when she said she was a virgin, it was probably some throw away comment. she is a role model for so many kids and she may have just thought she was saying the right thing. it’s not her fault that such private stuff is made so public. but the media made such a meal out of it that everyone got the impression that she went around preaching her ‘innocence’. how was she going to explain it away? come on, seriously, who the hell ever thought that she actually was a virgin? but then again, why did anyone care?

Posted by Erin @ 10/05/2002 09:31 PM AST

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