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Is she getting serious?

Fuck me, i’m 20. You see, the realisation of this didnt really hit me until i realised that it was TWO YEARS AGO that i was 18. TWO YEARS AGO that we had that massive party at my house. TWO YEARS AGO!!!!!!

Panic button on alert.

To be honest though, 2002 was a fucking rough year, so i guess emotionally I feel older than 20. Its just such a bitch you know? where did all the time go? I was clearing out my cupboard in my room, and i came across all the photos i used to take and it took me over an hour sorting through them all. I found ones from my 14th birthday party, and i really want to scan those and put them up, because they are hilarious. It had Pat with blonde hair, and Tim with his Charlotte Hornets shirt. So funny.

I also found a load of photos from the days when i spent all my time at the ramps in JP. Those were the sad ones, because as much i loved growing up with the people at ISB, it was the friends i made there that i will really miss. I got so much shit from people in ISB for hanging out there so often, to the point that i was getting excluded from parties and little things like that. Those things meant alot to a 16 year old, and even though they were probably right in that i wouldnt go anyway, an invite would have been nice, you know? You lot really screwed me over big time on stuff like that and that is why i gave out so much shit from time to time. And at that point, when i felt excluded at home, and now from school, and the people i grew up with, those fellas became second family to me. And those that are still around today, particularly those that i met again this year…i fucking love you guys.

If anything, i’ve learnt over the year, that you can never really tell who to trust, and you never realise who your true friends are until you need help. I know they dont read this site, but this is for Ronan and Gina, i think the fucking world of you.

I’m not drunk and i’m not stoned. I just had a hard day.

Looking back on 2002…

seeing old friends again, Gina, Pete, Adam, Ben, and Navin
settling into a new house with new housemate
getting to know my uni mates better
The Gardening Club escapades

the john saga
falling out with afore mentioned housemate
having someone constantly forward anonymous emails to me about a certain little girl that i dont particularly care to mention about.
parents thinking i was on drugs over summer (actually thats kinda funny now…scrap that)

There are loads, but that is all my head can recall at this late hour.

Posted by Angela @ 05:00 AM AST [Link]

Replies: 3 comments

Where are they taken from?

Posted by Pat @ 01/14/2003 12:34 PM AST

i know!! ‘snot fair

oh…someone tell me how to put pictures up on here, cuz i do not know!!!!!!!!

Posted by angela @ 01/13/2003 05:41 PM AST

Man, i am really looking forward to seeing these photos that were taken 6 years ago!!!
Its been 6 years, does time ever go by fast nowadays. When we were younger in Brunei, time went so slowly.

Posted by Pat @ 01/13/2003 09:20 AM AST

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