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I’m sick

i’m sick. and i don’t like it. this is why i haven’t been posting. it looks like a bunch of other people are sick too. or havign too much fun to bother posting. anyways. i should appologies to edo becasue i haven’t written my column yet. infact i didn’t even realise today was thursday. i haven’t been to comic shop yet. i will do so today if i’m up to it. gotta get that 2 month delayed issue of Hellblazer that finishes us Brian Azzarello’s run. sorry edo.

i got a webcam recently. it’s pretty cool. i could try and get it working online. and we could incorporate it into the site. though i doubt people actually want to see me typing away at my computer.

sam’s answers:
1) no idea. not a big fan of the band. though i do remember the days when they were big on…
2) nope.
3) good place for back patches…espcially for a band like Rancid is NOT interpunk, as you well know. your best bet is they have a heap of good stuff. it’s not too expensive either.
4) that’s a question i shall leave open to the public to answer…

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