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5 Second Review: Alexisonfire “Old Crows/Young Cardinals”

Let me get this out there: I LOVE Alexisonfire. I have since their first record. I even loved their last, “Crisis.” With that warning take this as you will.

The immediate difference noticed is that George Pettit’s new vocals are gruff and rough around the edges, in comparison to the more generic screaming of past records. He seems to announce this in the opening track as he yells “We are not the kids we used to be!”

“Young Cardinals” follows up and Dallas Green makes his first vocal appearance. The track is a fast paced punk rock gallop that breaks down into familiar AOF territory and Green shines over the chorus with a soaring clean vocal.

The biggest standout of this album is how cohesive the three vocalists work against and upon each other to create a real dynamic delivery.
The album trundles along at a faster pace than Crisis, suggesting an urgency not seen since “Watch Out.”

Dallas Green shines throughout. He is in my humble opinion one of the best vocalists in the genre (if not the best.) And if you don’t believe me check out his side project “City And Color.”

His vocals on “Midnight Regulations are positively epic as Pettit provides the gruff additions to each delivery. It sees AOF on the top of their game and is sure to be a crowd favorite.
Another crowd favorite is sure to be “Accept Crime” which is full of gang vocals, “Heys!” and hand claps as well as the lyric “There’s no police/between two beating hearts.”

“Burial” closes out the album and sounds more like Green’s side project City And Color. A somber end to an riveting 11 tracks of brutal yet melodic post hardcore.

This is the essential Alexisonfire album. It pulsates and gallops throughout with a purpose. Its a band at the top of their game, roaring through an album with no remorse. Vocals shine, guitars riff upon each other and the drums set tempos Rise Against would be proud of. Well played boys.

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