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It’s been a while

Hey Everyone,

Its great to see the Spy Magazine back, alive and kicking.
Just got back from the dentist, and was told i have to get my wisdom teeth taken out. Fuck, doesnt sound like a horrible procedure. And my doctor said i have acid reflux disease, for fucks sake.

Final exams start tomorrow that will be keeping me busy. One more semester of school to go then the summer, then probably going to Holland for a few months. Anyone going to be in Holland next year?, or nearby? I guess England is nearby, hey Angela is in england, so is rod.

I am broke and need a job, hire me.

Looking at the Tattoo as well. What is a good design? any suggestions?…Edo, your getting a lightning bolt?

Snowboarding season starts next week, nothing beats a good day boarding on a ski hill, highly reccommended.

Study break is over.

Posted by Pat @ 08:49 AM AST [Link]

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Actually the disease isnt as bad as it sounds. But it kinda sucks, yeah i wont get a lighting bolt. But I was thinking of getting it on my arm or something. Will have it by May.

Posted by Pat @ 12/07/2002 02:50 PM AST

Acid reflux disease sounds horrible! What is it? I just brushed my teeth four times a day and the pain went away. No dentist for me! My tattoo will be a lightning bolt so unless you wanna be like Tatty Brotherz 4 Life, get something else. I’m getting my on my shoulder blade.

Posted by Edo @ 12/07/2002 11:59 AM AST

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