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Let’s boogaloo till we puke


I guess i’m lagging because i’ve only just realised this site is working again. I suppose i’ve jumped onto the “lets have red hair” band wagon, because my hair is a suspicious shade of red. My nails have been encrusted with blue paint all week, and i pulled an all nighter last night so i’m looking mighty freakish as of now. Yes, it has been a long six months and i too will jet off to Brunei next week. On the 17th. Its my birthday this Saturday. I have hit the big 20. Its a scary thought. I’m positive that not long ago i was collecting My Little Ponies, then wearing short skirts, pierced the belly button ,then started smoking, then snuck out the house every night, lost my virginity, graduated high school, and before i can stop myself, oh my god i’m half way thru university. Slap me quick.


I’m dying to tell Edo some more doody stories, but i’m sure the Jess reminescence (sp?) will do for now.
I’m dying to tell Sam about bollocks, and that its his turn to go buy cigarettes. Come back you smelly egg.
I’m dying to see what Tim looks like again.
I’m dying to see how much taller Matt has gotten…again.
I’m dying to see if Pat still grunts alot.
I’m dying to see if Dan remains unchanged.
I’m dying to see Mike, just to watch him giggle.

Trips down memory lane suck. They make you miss stuff that isnt there.

It should have snowed last weekend. I saw no snow. I feel cheated. Weather people should also go in the slap box. CORNTOES! Call it psychically connected or whatever, but i was meant to go to the tattooist today (Monday) lack of funds due to Xmas shopping now make it impossible. Hell. Oh yeah, i saw a psychic last week, it would have been alot more believable if i didnt have to watch her brother play on his XBox while waiting my turn. It just didnt fit the whole mystic vibe, u know?

Phneh. I’m out.

Posted by Angela @ 09:50 PM AST [Link]

Replies: 3 comments

ANGIEEEE!!! Oh you lucky poop! I haven’t gone back to Brunei since I left… and woah, that was over 3 years ago!!! :-/

Posted by anna @ 12/10/2002 11:26 PM AST

Oh my GOD! We all have red hair. We’re going to look like some sort of gimmicky pop group!

Posted by Edo @ 12/10/2002 11:32 AM AST

Still Grunt alot?, was i conscious whilst i did this grunting.

Posted by Pat the grunt @ 12/10/2002 08:54 AM AST

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