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Why I need a job / Leanne’s sexy ass

oh, that reads wierd, I don’t need Leanne’s sexy ass, just a job, It should really read “An update about why I need a job, and completely unrelated, Leanne’s sexy ass”.

Glad I got that cleared up!

Anyway, today is a good day, Spymag has had a good update. Loads of material. It has been steamingly hot outside, which is good, and I have finished MOST of my homework. Its Labour Day weekend here. Don’t ask me what Labour Day is, but contrary to the title, I don’t think it has an awful lot to do with giving birth. Who knows!

I still don’t have a job, I am living in hope someone will give me one soon. While getting the money will be good, and a definite bonus, getting me out of the goddam house is a far more pressing issue. If I watch one more VH1 behind the musics, or one more rerun of the VMAs, I am going to go ape.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have a model friend. How cool is that? Thats right ladies and gentlemen, I have sat in a pub and got drunk with Ms Leanne Wilson many a time, we have seen each other walking around in our undies after a heavy night with great big bags under our eyes, and now, thanks to this site, everyone else has seen her in her undies too!!
Its just a little surreal, seeing one of your best mates staring at you from the front page everytime you load it, but kind of cool in another way.

I think this could be a great thing. If any other girls I know want to send me pictures of themselves in their underwear, feel free. I will not judge. I am a professional. Infact, I encourage as many girls as possible to send me photos of themselves in various stages of undress.

I wish one of the 14 new emails I got today was a real one and not one offering free porn, penis enlargement or home insurance.

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Sam currently lives in St. Thomas in the Caribbean where he drinks too much rum and is conveniently ignoring becoming an adult.

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