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We say it makes a difference but thats just another lie

I cant help but feel Mikes comments about punk rock were somewhat directed at me, for my reviews of the Dynamite Boy and Guttermouth cds. I will admit, certainly up until about 12 months ago, my knowlege of punk rock was limited to bands on epitaph and fat wreck chords.

But over the past 12 months of hanging out with some UK punk fans pretty much 24/7, I have learnt there is so much more to the punk world than bands with numbers on the end of their names. And I feel a need to defend the fact that I am not just sat at home listening to Sum 182, and then giving my ‘expert’ opinion of the punk rock world. I like pop punk, I like emo punk. I like hardcore punk and I like oldschool punk. I like American punk, and I like UK punk (my knowlege of Japanese bands is limited, I must admit). If I had to list my favourite bands, contrary to Mike’s insinuation, are not all currently on the radio singing about sleeping with the football team…or something. I like New Found Glory, but I also like the Sex Pistols. Thice sits next to No Use For A Name on my CD shelf. My Clash and Ramones CDs are there, just the same as Homegrown, Dillinger four, Yellowcard and of course, Greenday, Rancid and NOFX. I would say I would like most punk….And no, I don’t like Jimmy Eat World (or JEW as I like to call them), and anyone calling that punk rock needs a lesson in old school.

I just don’t appreciate the insinuation that because I wear my pants baggy, and a Famous shirt and belt, that I know nothing about bondage pants, converse all stars and patches.

So no, I am not the most “punk rock” person in the world, and yes I listen to loads of other styles too, but that doesnt make my knowlege of anything you might call “punk” any more redundant. So don’t get on my back, and yes, I do know Jawbreaker, I own the Dear You album, so don’t give me no shit SUKKA!

SHIT! west brom have just scored against Arse(nal) to make it 3-1 and hence my prediction that Arse were going to win 3-0 has been redundant-ified (it should be a word), pooey, it was all going so well.

I’m going to go sit in my room and listen to Spunge to get me in a better mood. I suggest everyone downloads a few spunge songs. Especially “Kicking Pigeons”, this is UK ska punk to rival LTJ anyday.


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