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Edo updating as Sam

This blog was taken from a week where The FAT Website staff were blogging as someone else.  This is Edo blogging as Sam. I noticed an interesting phenomenon this Sunday. It was the day after the ISB Disco.  I woke up and thought ‘shit, i can do everything’ and it was then that I noticed what i will refer to ...

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Holy crap, that was unfunny

You know an International School disco is special when five minutes in, the three girls you come with are all in tears. Kate thought the disco was cool because she ‘didn’t get expelled’.  Might I add that she looked really really hot.  (mental note:  sexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsex) Jess was crying all the time and she told me she wanted to punch some ...

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International School Disco Rules


There is excitement in the air.  There is an International School disco on Saturday.  There are live bands and little kids who punch Indian kids in the face.  It will reek of awesomeness (and a little vodka). We need a name for the upcoming Porn themed party.  Tentative titles have included: *Palace of Porn *Porn-O-Rama 2:  The Second Coming *Hardcore ...

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King of Hardcore and Pornographic Priestess

The day before Chinese New Year was spent organizing the acquisition of large quantities of alcohol and ****s and pornography and wrestling tapes.  Then I end up spending Chinese New Year with Jess and Tom listening to a dumpy little kid talk about earthworms having sex.  We almost watched Lion King 2 but we took a rain check because we ...

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