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Edo updating as Sam

This blog was taken from a week where The FAT Website staff were blogging as someone else.  This is Edo blogging as Sam.

I noticed an interesting phenomenon this Sunday. It was the day after the ISB Disco.  I woke up and thought ‘shit, i can do everything’ and it was then that I noticed what i will refer to from now onwards as “My Limitless Talent Syndrome”.

The night before, I played with the band at the Disco and I was pretty fuckin’ sweet on the guitar.  After that I did some breakdancing and quadruple back flips on the dance floor and everyone stood in a big circle around me and watched me look macho.  Then I thought I might as well get a new girlfriend, since it’s been almost a week since my last girlfriend and Jason was looking at me like I might be gay or something.

Jason slept with his 50th girl!  The big five-o!  I should get him a card or something.

I saw Jess crying at the disco.  But she gets no sympathy from me.  Not after she told everyone I couldn’t get it up after I couldn’t last through her ridiculous 13 hour sex marathon.  What an oversexed psycho nymph!

Well, that’s my update for this month.

About Edo

Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.

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