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International School Disco Rules

There is excitement in the air.  There is an International School disco on Saturday.  There are live bands and little kids who punch Indian kids in the face.  It will reek of awesomeness (and a little vodka).

We need a name for the upcoming Porn themed party.  Tentative titles have included:

*Palace of Porn
*Porn-O-Rama 2:  The Second Coming
*Hardcore Hotel Humping (Triple H for short)

Post some suggestions in the forum.  God knows we could use some signs of life in there.

With Tom, Jason and myself involved in planning, hopefully it can be better than Rachel Field’s leaving party (I heard the spaghetti was nice though).

Happy birthday Alison!

Matt comes back Sunday.

Jamie wasn’t kidding when he said he was looking to have some site wars.  He’s now launched an attack on Shasha.  He doesn’t seem to get on with very many people.  How you could get in to a fight with someone in another country is beyond me.

Pat is a spoilt fat stupid kid who doesn’t update enough.

Me and Kate still hope to have a Superbowl Monday party.  If anyone is interested, talk to us about it at the Disco.  Unless you’re a little fat kid.  If you’re little and fat, go away.

I’m having so much fun these holidays.  Brunei is a cool country.

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