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Holy crap, that was unfunny

You know an International School disco is special when five minutes in, the three girls you come with are all in tears.

Kate thought the disco was cool because she ‘didn’t get expelled’.  Might I add that she looked really really hot.  (mental note:  sexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsex)

Jess was crying all the time and she told me she wanted to punch some girl in the face.  She also realized that her Pooh Bear underwear might not be so lucky after all.

Rather alarmingly, Lisa asked me if Kate had any sharp objects in her bag because she was threatening to kill herself.

Personally, my worst moment of the night was when everyone was shouting at me all at once:

Jess:  I want to fucking go home NOW!
Kate:  You’re not getting any from me tonight!
Lisa:  My sister is a psychiatrist if you need mental help!
Shawn:  Dude!
Me:  Arrrgh!

Tom’s band was really good.  They did a cover of Limp Bizkit’s Rollin’.

No one danced.  The DJ played a lot of crusty songs.  There was lengthy moments of silence between songs.  We saw the racist little kid who hates Indians.  I saw Doctor Love at school.  There was no power when I came home.  I tripped over a drum and fell on my head in the dark.  It was funny if you were there.

Maybe I should’ve sensed something was wrong when the first things I heard that night were:
Jess: “I can’t stop farting”

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  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!! i just laughed and laughed ….. edo .. those days were sad, fun, shameful, exciting and would not exchange them for the world.. but jesus i was a dick.. 🙂

  2. Haha, what made you randomly go back and read a post from over 10 years ago?

    And yeah…they were great times 🙂

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