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King of Hardcore and Pornographic Priestess

The day before Chinese New Year was spent organizing the acquisition of large quantities of alcohol and ****s and pornography and wrestling tapes.  Then I end up spending Chinese New Year with Jess and Tom listening to a dumpy little kid talk about earthworms having sex.  We almost watched Lion King 2 but we took a rain check because we went to town with Sam, Jason and Danny so we could sit there and look staunch.

Tom and Sam are playing at the ISB Disco (what talented website maintainers we have)!  Listening to Tom scream in a cover of Deftone’s Shove It should be more fun than barrel of chicken shit being dumped on your lawn (right Dan?).

Pat’s awards page was way too tame.  He needs to be more of an asshole.  Maybe Rod should do the awards page.  I still remember his scathing first ever update (check archives).

In the works:  MegaSexDrugsRocknRoll party, ‘Wigs and Handcuffs’ themed party(?), Spandex and Bro party (it should get a plug from the band at the disco, so listen out for it if you’re there) and Holiday Lodge party.

Also, Sega announced that they’re ceasing to continue production of the Dreamcast today.  Looks like my five hundred dollar Christmas toy is obsolete.  What a waste.

After reading the forum, it never ceases to amaze me how dedicated the site members are to the FAT website.  Rod wrote in the forum even when he had 3 university essays to finish on a deadline, Sam updated rather than email Jess (girlfriend at the time) when he was on holiday, Pat used it as a last resort to get some friends in Canada (what happened that Ukranian guy anyway?), I updated the look of the site at the expense of  doing some studying for Bursary exams.  And Dan rejoined the site after everyone laughed at him when he quit.

I think it’s a stupid ‘guy thing’.  I don’t think I know a girl who would do this much incredibly stupid shit for several hundred lines of HTML code.

I said I would have a new poll Monday but I can’t be fucked to make one.  When I can think of a decent question, then I’ll change it.

Rod apologized for the pizza analogy in his last update which he admits insulted everyone’s intelligence.  His next update should be a lot more sophisticated and should reek of smartnessness.

The John vs. Jamie site wars is an excellent read (often hilarious).  I’d recommend going to as John often writes down Jamie’s retorts so it’s easier to follow the pages of abuse.  My personal favourite taunt was the Elton John clothing auction remark.

Sam’s update is excellent.  Read it now.

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