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The Happy World of Haribo

Why do people leave important things to do the night before. Its STRESSay week at westminster uni, and i haven’t written squat. I have alot of books tho, so i feel less guilty. Oh well, i guess its just gonna have to be a long night. It was beauuuuutiful today, so i spent three hours lying on the grass outside ...

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Disco inferno

i’m sick AGAIN. I didnt think it was humanly possible to have the flu 3 times in two weeks, but there you go. I’ve done it. It is also why i have decided to do the unthinkable and give up smoking…yes shock horror, i am going to quit smoking!!! I’ve had enough of the money that i waste on it, ...

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This song is a poem to myself

Boy, I’m so glad I changed my hair color so me and Matt didn’t look like red hair bum buddies. Mine is blue now. I am insanely busy. I am working 30 hour weeks as well as going to college and working for the school newspaper. Its getting silly. I have stopped eating because I simply don’t have time. This ...

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Waaah! What a gangsteeeeer! Yesterday, I dyed my hair. School is going to go apeshit, I can feel it already. Oh well, it washes out in 100 washes. they can make me do one of two things. One is take a lot of showers, or the other is either dye it out or shave it off. Neither of which I ...

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