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Hops, Barley Charlie

I reached for the oblong box in my pocket and pulled up a chair. I opened pandora’s box, and with lips like silk, ever so softly, caressed a tobacco stick from the community of cancer that lay therein. As I pulled my head upright, I inhaled, already tasting the tobacco before ignition. As I did so, I pulled my savoir, my jesus, my fire from my pocket, sparked and pulled deeply on the flame, setting the tip alight. I had been this way before. Desperate, needy. As I pulled in the warm smoke, I squinted my eyes slightly, as if this would absorb the nicotine quicker. I had hoped this would set the nerves to rest, but to no avail. By the time the fire had consumed the tobacco, and the smoke had consumed my lungs, heart and blood vessles, I will still none the more satisfied.

After a sigh, and a disspointed look at my empty glass of coca cola. I gained the barman’s attention once more. As he went to fill my glass again, with the sugary sweetness and artificial colour, I held him back, signaling instead to the pump infront of me. I watched it slowly slide down the side of the glass, and as it filled, becoming more upright to achieve the perfect frothy head every man there longed for.

He passed it to me, and I grasped it with my right hand, feeling the glass cold and wet to touch. I was going to eradicate those demons within, I had found the one weapon worth fighting with. As the cool golden liquid slid down my gullet, exciting my tastebuds with its bittersweetness, and replacing the dry tobacco taste with one of moist heaven, I exhaled deeply. I had found my nectar. I drank down what must have been at least one thrid of the glass, then I replaced it on the table, so as to delay the joy somewhat to make the pleasure last longer. I sat back and my muscles relaxed, my nerves were eased. My heart beat slower, and my breathing lighter. I smiled and knew I had what I needed. I knew I had discovered my need. I had discovered what 1 short year in the United Kingdom had taught me. I had discovered, that I loved beer.

DISCLAIMER – Dan, I honestly meant no offence by this post at all, I just thought it would be funny to romantasize about the joys of a pint. Don’t take it personally.

Posted by Sam @ 11:41 AM AST [Link]

Replies: 2 comments

I think I shall romanticise doing assignments for university. Man, Psychology assignments suck.

Posted by Dan @ 09/26/2002 03:01 PM AST

I would do one as well except I can’t write this well.

Okay, here’s a new game. Romanticize something difficult. It’s all very well romanticizing beer, coffee and smoking. But how about watching Pokemon or having soup?

Posted by Edo @ 09/25/2002 07:59 PM AST

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Sam currently lives in St. Thomas in the Caribbean where he drinks too much rum and is conveniently ignoring becoming an adult.

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