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Waaah! What a gangsteeeeer! Yesterday, I dyed my hair. School is going to go apeshit, I can feel it already. Oh well, it washes out in 100 washes. they can make me do one of two things. One is take a lot of showers, or the other is either dye it out or shave it off. Neither of which I am very happy about. Oh well, I will find out soon enough if they are gonna flip or not. I stuck a pic for all the world to see. It is “corvette red” for those wondering.

Mike would be proud.

Well, back to the good old hostel tomorrow. I will be sharing my room with a drug addict, sex crazed maniac again (no, edo doesn’t stay in the hostel so it isn’t him).

When I get back, I have to go to school for 2 days before getting out, jumping on my motorbike, trying to start it. It sitting there like a raped gazelle. I then will have walk for half an hour into town, drop off my battery, walk back. Wait 4 hours while it charges, walk back again, pick it up, walk back to the house. Set it up, try to start it, and realise it needs more oil too….oh bugger

I bought a new guitar pedal yesterday, a Boss Metal Zone. God I love the tone of that baby. Now I can pretend I am playing some killer metal riff when all I am doing is sliding up and down in drop-D tuning. Oh well, at least it beats the salt monkeys. For those of you who don’t understand a single word in that last paragraph, don’t worry. Neither did anyone else

Whats Playing: Licking Cream – Sevendust
A truly awesome song, that is Skin from skunk anansie singing the female’s part.

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