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…and now back to our regular programming


that was good. have i mentioned before that i love sex? oh yes. i do.

but you’re not all here to read bout my sexual adventures, oh no…we all know the real reason you come and read blogs from around the world right here at spy-mag…to hear about the dreary everyday mundane lives we lead! woohoo! so here’s how my day was, in a nutshell;

I received a package from my folks today. and among it was enclosed issues 4-53 of Transmetropolitan (props to my brother for lugging these with him from england). One of the single greatest comics ever written. by Mr Warren Ellis. this made me happy. alothough it makes me sad too, for the comic will be ending this september, at issue 60. poor poor Spider Jerusalem.

Erin and I then went to St Kilda beach for the first time since we moved here. it’s real nice. very pretty. and they have good ice cream. we walked down the esplanade and looked at all the different art stalls. some funky stuff. had a burger on the beach for lunch. burgers are tasty.

When we got home we watched The Blair Witch Project II: Book of Shadows. I saw it before at the cinema in singapore when it came out…but we rented it yesterday anyways. it’s a good movie. i don’t know anyone else whose seen it, so i’m not too sure if people like it. i enjoyed it though. except what struck me as wierd is that it’s called ‘Book of Shadows’ but there’s no fucking book of shadows in the movie at all. that’s just stupid.

we ordered pizza for dinner. i had a plain cheese pizza. erin had a thin-crust supreme with half the regular amount of cheese on it. we drank diet raspberry cordial.

that bloggy enough for ya?

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