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Warning: Explicit Content

the wierdest thing just happened to me.

Erin and I were just taking a bath, and she was…um…well…fellating me. this isn’t the wierd part. wise-ass. anyways…this was good and all…until the dog rudely interupted by breaking something in the other room…as she does every night to indicate that we’d better hurry the fuck up and feed her or she’ll break some more stuff. so we got out of the tub, much to my dismay. ok…wierd part: i stood up and just about passed out. it was crazy…it was like all the blood from my body had gone to my dick and left my brain completly…add that to the warmth of the bathtub and getting out into 4 degree temperature…it’s pretty fucked up. now i just feel really stoned. hence why i’m writing this insane entry. i will update to further happenings regarding my current stupid state. i am now apparently off to have sex…wish me luck!

Posted by Mike @ 07:03 PM AST [Link]

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it is true. this i scary. but hey…i got the first comment…so woohoo!

Posted by mike @ 07/15/2002 05:59 PM AST

is it just me or was anyone else disturbed at the mental image of my brother naked in the bath? please say i’m not crazy.

Posted by Matt @ 07/15/2002 12:44 PM AST

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