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Survivor: The FAT Website Edition FINAL CHAPTER

Day 5- The final chapter

The last people on the island are Rod, Pat, Jamie and TimDog. Tension was high as this was the day when the winner would be decided; the prize to bash another FAT member of their choice.

Tim was now smoking insects as he had got sick of leaves, he was also drinking muddy water in an attempt to get high.
Pat was now sick of the island as he wanted he was missing ‘The Practice’ on television and Jamie was missing ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’. Rod couldnt wait to leave as he could play majic with little children.

Nobody had eaten for days and were living on water. Jamie had eaten a twig though.

Anyways the final challenge arised to determine the winner of survivor. The challenge was to see who could drink the most sea water.

Everyone started glugging glasses of sea water with the ambition of being the victor in their minds. Then it was obvious who the winner was, it was TimDog. He was the only psycho who could drink enough sea water, everyone else stopped and became ill. Congrats to Tim, who decided to beat up Sam as it was the only guy he didnt know and the only person that humped a tree.

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