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Reading People’s Emails

I thought I would betray everyone’s trust and reprint some material from old emails:

#1 – “I wish i could make someone cry. I’ve made people cry before…it was fun. I once made Shaheen Zinna cry because i shouted at her before flashing my tits at her. I was hoping she’d get really offended and storm off but apparently she cried later on. Wow. My boobies made that much of an impression on

#2 – “Right first things first, I am not being involved in anything which goes by the name of Team Blood, who ever thought of it is a silly, silly person and deserves to be gun butted in the dong. Also, Seeing as this reunion thing is being held at my house I think we can all find it in our hearts to change the name to something a little less SHIT!!! If you don’t like it then you will have to stay with Sam and sleep with his grandma or some shit.”

#3 – “In other news, I have joined a punk band. We play stuff like Ataris, Blink, and New Found Glory.”

#4 – “I don’t think I would have sex with someone silver.”

Win a prize if you can guess who wrote those.

Posted by Edo @ 11:40 AM AST [Link] [8 comments]

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Posted by joe @ 11/30/2003 05:26 PM AST

Angela 3/4.

The correct answers:

a) Angela
b) Tom
c) Sam
d) Erin

Posted by Edo @ 10/30/2003 09:57 AM AST


1) Angela
2) Tom
4)no idea.

Posted by angela @ 10/30/2003 12:20 AM AST

1/4 Pat.

Posted by Edo @ 10/29/2003 11:19 PM AST

1. Angela
2. Rod
3. Mike
4. Sam

Posted by Pat @ 10/29/2003 08:17 PM AST

Mike you got 2/4 and Matt you got 1/4.

Ah…Team Blood. We should make t-shirts.

Posted by Edo @ 10/29/2003 04:14 PM AST

1: angela
2: rod
3: sam
4: no fucking clue

Posted by mike @ 10/29/2003 03:43 PM AST

1st: Pat
2nd: … Rod?
3rd: Sam
4th: Tom?

(haha! it was my idea to call it TEAM BLOOD!)

Posted by Matt @ 10/29/2003 02:51 PM AST

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