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I’ll have to get used to this again.

Since TFW underwent rigor mortis, I’ve only been used to writing for myself. Self-inflation in an online journal detailing the life of Me. Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I suppose life’s changed since then. I left Brunei, started university and am currently doing a Media Studies course. I’m hoping to add a Psychology major in October. Media and Psychology…any person’s initial reaction would be “what the fuck?” and then think about it. It’s not a bad combination, I think. Each one complements the other. If I wanted to go into advertising, then knowing how people’s brains work seems to be a good thing. If I want to go into Psychology, then knowing about the media and mass influences would also be useful. Some have called me insane. I don’t know any better to disagree with them.

Favourite movie of all time? Ghost World. It was one of those movies that I would quite happily see for another couple of hours after the movie had finished. It was a movie where I didn’t want the movie to finish, knowing that I would have to say goodbye to the characters in that world. If I could hug this movie, I would. It’s not a mainstream movie, but I recommend anyone who has access to it in cinemas to go and see it.


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