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Brain Fart

Ok. I’m gonna be a little rusty at this blog thing. though seeing as i was never any good at it in the first place, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise. now, a little about me (again);

I’m Mike.

I’d list a bunch of stuff that i like, but it wouldn’t really be much of a list. I don’t hate too much either. so i can’t list that either.

I had really good sex this morning. This i can mention, with the full consent of my partner.

I watched temptation island last night. I love that show. It beats crap like survivor and big brother hands down. the ammount of raw emotion captured in a single moment of it is so much more passionate than any of the lazy arsing around of the other two shows. I’ll probably mention this topic a lot in the future.

I got a list today from a guy who is selling off his comics due to divorce. it was a word document. it was 75 pages long. unbeliveable.

did you know NASA have photos of a crater on Mars that looks like a smiley face.

today i shall be going to pay the telephone bill and the parking fine that we got due to not paying sixty cents for a parking ticket at the supermarket. fucking nazi ticket giverouterers. does anyone else here have to pay for parking at the supermarket? i’d be interested to know.

i am still currently unemployed in the fine city of melbourne. so, if you’d like to give me a job even shoveling shit, at this point it’d make me happy. hard to satiate my ever expanding crack habit without coloured plastic monies.

right, that’ll do.

About Mike

Mike currently lives in Dubai where he spends his time updating his twitter feed more often than keeping current with this far more thoughtful blog. sorry.

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