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Dude, my car is not where I left it but thank god I’m okay

dam this blog-rust. For three days now i have sat down to write and i have then proceeded to delete it all then runaway to hide under my bed.

So what have i been doing since i’ve been back? i bet the readers find themselves asking this question around 3-4times a day, losing sleep at the fact that the answer remains ellusive. where here is the answer: absolutly sweet fuck all. And it has been particulary sweet, as i have no more worrys of where i need to be and how to get there… the only problem with this is that i dont do relaxing very well. Ok, admitably i am a complete slackass and lazing around is something i specialize in, but only if there is someone around to laze around with. this motion of course was upset by edo and mike now both working from 11am-8pm… ass. Sometimes its just SO hard to be an unemployed slackass with nothing to do til september. *sigh*

As expected i have come back from my travels with amusing stories (well i think they’re amusing anyway). One such story comes from my time in brisbane, in which me, oli and his mates went out to the usual wednesday night hangout “the Regatta”, in which free beer is served between 7-8pm. So as the night dragged on oli’s mate Boony spots Australian fly-half Elton Flatley in the place… a few drinks and an hour later he staggers up to us tells us that there are lots of hunnys in the place then buys drinks! haha… i was tempted to ask him what it was like to be floored by Jonny in the WC final… but upon second thought reconsidered.

Which leads me to another point. On the weekend i was met with a rare confused state upon watching the England-New Zealand rugby. Who was it to cheer for? i know it may sound like a stupid question but when i was waiting for a transit in Christchurch Airport, i was there not 30mins, when walking towards me was 4 of the All Blacks on there way to face england… after becoming great personal friends with the likes of Justin Marshall, Daniel Carter and Andrew Mertians i almost felt the need to cheer my friends over my country… sadly i didnt and england got dicked on.

So there you have it: “The Fat Website: Mingeling with Celebs since 1999”



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