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A career change apparently

Today our office got word that we’re being closed down and the main onshore office will be established in Tasmania.  Fortunately, there’s plenty of forewarning:  It won’t be until around this time next year.  It was still very sad to hear though.  I’ve worked at the same company now for five years and have many close friends in the office.  Starting anew sucks.  I was happy with my job, with my wage and with my workmates.  Now, I’m going to have to start looking for something new which hopefully still meets all those criteria.

In looking for a silver lining from today, I guess there’s nothing like forcibly being moved from your job to make you reconsider your priorities in life and making sure you don’t take things for granted.  Hopefully, I can find some equally enjoyable work in the next year.

To make myself feel better, I bought the new trade of The Walking Dead at the comic store and Sarah bought me a sweet ‘I Scored With The Princess’ shirt.  Made the day somewhat better.

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Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.


  1. Dude that sucks – at least you’ve got the year ahead to think things through. I’m sure it’ll all work out just fine 😉

  2. i am the queen of job hopping- it’ll all work out edo!

  3. I had exactly the same happen to me in my first job. I wasn’t there for that long – infact less than a year.

    However – my experience of being made redundant was a good one and for what its worth I can tell you about it.

  4. Go on.

    (unless you mean more privately in an email)

    Also, thanks everyone for the words of support.

  5. this is a total bummer to hear. but i think it’s positive that you’ve been at your current job for such a long time and shown growth within the company. can only bode well when it comes to looking for future employment. i’m confident you’ll land on your feet, and heck, might possibly be an ideal time to explore opportunities in a field you have more of a passion for. not that tele-sales isn’t riveting mind, just that you’ve got mad skillz in more than just that.

  6. As we had so much notice to find a job (like you) – I basically looked for work at work without having to sneak around. Work also hired a company to provide us career advice and CV writing classes.

    I went to about seven or eight interviews being quite fussy about what I liked as I had so much time. Negotiated a start date two weeks after the end of my current job to go to Canada for two weeks. I ended up being on gardening leave for a month (staying at home and chilling out).

    At the end of all this I had a better jobs paying more money with better tasks and my old job paid me the biggest sum of money I have ever received. This allowed me to buy half a house in Canada!

    Plus Mikes right – 5 years is a long time – good to do something new!!

  7. Edit on above: A deposit on half a house in Canada

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