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How To Win Friends And Influence People


At the company I work for, we recently held a leadership offsite to improve relationships between managers in different departments.  To break the ice with two leaders in the business, I thought I’d tell a funny story about one of my staff members.  This staff member, a thirty year old male, approached me one day and said that when he visited his psychic on the weekend, they identified the name of a guy who works in our office and said that he gave off bad vibes.  The staff member thought it would be important to share this information with me so I could ‘keep an eye on him.’

“What a weirdo!” I exclaimed.  “And one of the strangest things about the whole situation is that I didn’t think the guy fit the demographic of your typical person that visits a psychic at all.  I thought only gullible old women did that sort of thing.”

That’s when the two women I was talking to revealed that they both regularly visit a psychic.     -_-

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  1. Leadership offsites. I had to go on a 9 day bender up in this hotel on the outskirts of Nottingham during my time at Experian. One day we had to tell our life story to colleagues, another time discuss our mission in life of which they video recorded it and gave us a DVD afterwards.

    To be honest the whole thing was just awkward after nine whole days! It was like counseling.

    At one point we were talking about coaching and they brought in some random local nottingham ppl. I had this 19 year old girl and she ended up telling me how her bf beat her up, so I had to coach her to leave him.

    So all and all, I think the best thing about leadership offsites is the open bar!

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