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The FAT Website Show – An Arab Reads The Broons

An unexpected pleasure in the past six weeks was the opportunity to meet Mike’s OCD music-obsessive Egyptian friend Adham who also travelled from Dubai to visit Australia.  During Mike and Matt’s return leg to Brisbane, Adham came along and hung out with us for a few days.  He was a lovely guy.  He seemed very earnest and happy to absorb his surroundings.  The OCD stuff was hilarious because he would drive Mike and Matt nuts with his extraordinarily long shower routine in the morning which apparently is comparable in length and complexity to Patrick Bateman’s routine in American Psycho.

The Broons

On our final night, while we were making good inroads into a bottle of Talisker whisky, we got Adham to try and read aloud from a copy of The Broons.  For those who don’t know, The Broons is a Scottish comic strip, written in thick dialect.  Adham does his best and this video is the result:

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