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Youtube Tuesday: A-League Season 2013/14 Teaser Video

Our off-season is so ridiculously long :(  Hurry up, October 11th.  Hurry up.

If you concentrate really hard on this teaser trailer from Fox Sports, you will see the mighty Brisbane Roar for about 0.5 seconds.  Clearly the focus will still be on the bigger clubs with their Del Pieros and Shinji Onos.

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  1. Luxury. If you look at 0.46 and again at 1.19 you might get a glimpse of some team from Wellington. All we get is some bugger scoring against us, and a .5 second shot of the yellow fever.

  2. Our team has to get up half an hour before they went to bed and they trained in a rolled up newspaper in a lake.

    If they were lucky.

  3. That’s nothing. Phoenix players are all billeted in a paper bag in septic tank, drink a cupful of sulphuric acid for breakfast, train 29 hours a day AND have to pay Gareth Morgan for permission to play. And after that Merrick slices them in two wit’ bread knife.

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