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I just broke the chair

One thing Edo about finishing off a project is that the end of it all is a big let down. Its over, and you think to yourself…thats it? I mean all that hassle, and two tutors will sit there and for about a minute at most point out what they thought sucked and move on to the next one. All that worry, stress, and times where you just wanna eat your fist and throw your cigarette down someone’s throat, is gone *POOF* in a matter of minutes. And why is there always one REALLY bad project too. The last screening of everyone’s work that i had at uni, a bunch of girl’s tried doing a music video. It sucked so much ass. With all the prep in it and everything (they even talked their way into using a nightclub to film in) at the end of it all…i was left cringing. It was really cheesy. And everyone else was too nice to say it sucked too, just cuz Vicky who produced the thing is one of the hottest chicks on our course. Maybe even uni. Ah well…its big tits in the end that’ll get you somewhere anyway.

You know what else is really cool about holidays? Having food brought to you by someone else. It sounds like the brattiest thing in the world, but you know your home when your mum or your amah walks over with breakfast/lunch/dinner in hand. And i just found my dad’s stash of jelly beans…could this early morning get any better?

I know i’ve been complaining and stuff about being here, but in actuality, its still a small relief. Dont get me wrong, i’m missing my friends and my place in England alot, but i guess some home time is good for you to take a breather and kick back. And to think to yourself, shit thats another year gone by. I swear time didnt plass this quickly when i was younger. This time next eyar i would have finished my final year and having to contemplate .Thats sucks ass too. Speaking of things that suck ass, my television exploded.

I finished reading the last Harry Potter book, cuz i figured that if the new one is out soon, i may as well refresh my memory about the last one. I cant wait for the Hermione-Ron-Harry-Cho love triangle to kick in.


Posted by Angela @ 01:33 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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yes, each year, each semester, each major project at uni for the last three years, there as always, without fail, been one project that is so shit that you feel embarrassed to watch it even if you had nothing to do with it’s disasterous creation. And final year uni is no exception. I can already see the “shit project” rising to the occasion at the screening in two weeks time. And its not the project I’m working on (I edit). Ours is a well thought out drama taking place entirely in an elevator. It offers suicide, school girls, and passionate kissing…what more could you ask for?

Posted by jassa @ 06/19/2003 04:58 PM AST

Wasn’t Cho dating the guy who died? I think Harry might come off a little dickish if he starts mackin’ on a dead guy’s girl. You have to wait like a couple of weeks before she’s fair game.

I, too, have noticed the amazing phenomena of one film assignment being seriously SHIT for each screening. It’s like a law of averages or something. Even in third year it still happens.

Posted by Edo @ 06/18/2003 03:16 PM AST

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