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Now I’m back from outer space

incase anyone noticed, i haven’t posted in a while. my computer broke. had to re-format the hard drive/reinstall windows/find old drivers…the whole shebang. pain in the ass. not too much was lost thankfully.

had a job interview yesterday. for a tech assistant job at the JMC Academy here in Melbourne. It’s a training college for audio engineers. basically i’d just fix leads and help the students out with any queries they may have. it wouldn’t be too bad and i’d get to interact with people my age, instead of people who want to overdub the voice track for a breakfast serial commercial. actually, in darwin i had the “honor” of recording Claire Martin, the premier of the Northern Territory. she looks like a school teacher. in lieu of edo’s last post, yes there were some insanely hot girls at JMC. what is it…the second you get out of high school the chicks suddenly get SO much hotter. erin just smacked me. i’ll just shut up about this now to avoid further pain.

the last episode of buffy was great. i mean it. i won’t spoil for edo. cause spoilers are annoying. but it’s good. very emotional. and tara is dead! whoooopeeeeee! such a stupid character.

as you all know, i was going to start doing a weekly bit on the new comics i pick up each week, here in the blog. however, edo has asked me to make it a spymag column. so i will. he commands and i obey. otherwise i get an even dafter picture in the blog. so instead of coming out on wednesday night, they will come out on thursdays, after i’ve written and sent them to edo. like any of your really care.

it’s Matt’s birthday for another whole 9 minutes. happy birthday. i’m going to bed. i’ve spent the last 2 days fixing this fucking computer. piece of shit.

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