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Hey from Holland

Right now it is the first day of classes at my new school in Holland called Hogeschool Zeeland. My first impressions of the school are:
1) Dutch chicks are super tall
2) Dutch chicks are super hot
3) My first class was all of asia and me and a couple german chicks
4) Computer facilities rule
5) All they eat here is bread and cheese.

I have lived in this town called Vlissigen for about a week now and my apartment building is called ‘Hotel Dix’ that makes me giggle whenever i tell anyone where i live. Holland is pretty liberal i have already smoked a joint in a dutch coffee shop, and bought a bike. There are even traffic lights for bikes here, its amazing. Even though i pissed some dutch dude off when i rode a bike over his foot on the pedestrian walkway….what a psycho.

We found 22c beers and 3 euro packs of cigs. Soooo cheap.

The english speaking exchange students here are mainly from Germany and Switzerland. Lots of french and Spanish too.

Its been a while since my last post due to my limited use in internet cafes.

I looked at tattoos the other day…i am thinking of getting a union jack with a canadian maple leaf in the centre in the middle of the upper part of my back. Or maybe an outline of a maplbe leaf with the union inside it. Any comments or suggestions there?

London was freakin amazing…i love that place. I think i want to move there for a couple of months. On the last night there i partied in the centre on the city by Big Ben when the David Gray concert was on and I got together with some American student from Notre Damm university…the same uni as that one in that movie ‘Rudy’.

Visiting Dublin, Ireland next month for a week. Looking forward to having a pint of stout in the irish pub.

More later…gotta run to class.

I have no money.

Posted by Pat @ 07:20 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

“Hogeschool Zeeland”… awesome!

Posted by Matt @ 09/08/2003 07:42 PM AST

So very very jealous. *sobs*

Posted by Edo @ 09/08/2003 07:30 PM AST

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