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A Very Inoue Christmas 2010

We had a rather low-key family affair for Christmas this year in the Inoue household.  The poor weather we’ve been having meant we didn’t really get to venture outdoors and we didnt have plans to travel anywhere.  So we spent the day at home with Karen, Dom and Matt chowing down on a giant seafood feast.  Having said that, nobody I’ve met does Christmas quite like the Halligans so even though there was only five of us and we were cooped up in the apartment all day, there was a metric buttload of presents to be opened and Jen and Karen cooked up an absolute storm in the kitchen.

Now that the day has past, we can enjoy the Ashes, the Boxing Day Sales and put the feet up for a couple of weeks.  Before long, we’ll be ringing in the New Year.

Thats a lot of presents

Jen is constantly on the move on Christmas Day. It's exhausting to watch.

The family tear into the gifts at 9 in the morning

A champagne breakfast to start the day

Jen's preferred Christmas drink of choice: the 'Christmas Mule' which contains vodka, ginger beer, lime, angustura and cranberry juice

A big ol' oyster platter

Cock-a-leekie soup!

Some fresh Tasmanian mussels

Antarctic crab


Jen chased me around the apartment holding this thing until I agreed to give it a kiss

Karen prepped a whole salmon for the main course.

At times, there were a lot of chefs in our tiny kitchen

Here's a potato thing that Matt made. I don't know what its called.

It wasn't all seafood. We also had a big bowl of salad

For dessert we had a triple chocolate fudgecake of doom

All the food and excitement got a bit too much for some

In the evening I caught up with my folks over Skype

My Christmas haul: 16 year old Lagavulin, Jura Superstision, season tickets to the Reds in 2011, double pass tickets to all the remaining Roar home games, work shirts, a Soup'r Crackers shirt, a Captain Haddock mug, a 2011 planner, some hot toddy, four graphic novels, a boardgame, six Blu Rays, pants, an orange and plenty more

All up, a great Christmas 🙂

Hope all the TFW readers are enjoying their Christmas break also.

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