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Jura Supersitition



REGION Isle of Jura

COLOR Dark amber

NOSE Smokey, hints of ginger and pine.

PALATE Has a bite to it, like a grapefruit.  It’s got a spicy quality to it which blends with the smokiness from the peat.  Very tasty.  You could have this with your cornflakes for breakfast.

FINISH Lovely drawn out finish.  It’s the spiciness that stays with you surprisingly, and not the peat.


88 out of 100

NOTES I have an idea in my head of what a whisky bottle should look like and this isn’t it at all.  It’s a stupid reason but for the longest time I avoided this whisky because the bottle design and the name ‘Superstition’ makes it sound like a perfume by Britney Spears.

I ended up getting this bottle from my brother-in-law Matt for Christmas.  And would you believe it, its actually a seriously tasty whisky that is very easy to recommend.  It’s got a satisfyingly versatile taste.  Roll this dram on your tongue and I guarantee you’ll be able to detect notes of all sorts of different flavours.  It’s tasty, leaves an impression and it was my loss for avoiding this brand for so long.

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Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.


  1. I am not into Whisky but the one bottle I do have is this one!

  2. not sure I qualify to discuss whisky tastes with you 🙂

    but certainly a smooth finish. I think I may just have a little dose now to remind me as I have hardly put a dent in the thing.

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