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Bros Before Hos

Strangely, my laptop started working again without me doing anything. The screen was flickering whenever you plugged in the power for a couple of days. Now its fine again.

Tuesday turned out to be a good day. I had an assignment due in the afternoon for Internet Interactivity which I finally got in and had a lunch break at the tavern with this girl Rebecca. We found a kinship in bitchin’ about our shitty groups in Corporate Doco last semester and berrating a girl we had both worked with called Alicia. Alicia is like 23 and married to this 40 year old sailor dude with four kids. Thats all I knew. But Rebecca had these great stories about how she didn’t know how to make spaghetti and was going around asking the girls at the film shoot how to use a tampon. It’s interesting the number of deeply stupid people you meet in university.

I was considering going to The Eels before but kept holding out. Peer pressure won though when Mcgee and Josh came over and said I should go to.

Christine invited me to a picnic on Sunday. I might meet her new girlfriend then. It’s a house-warming thing except not at the house.

Bit of drama with Mcgee. She may be moving out of the house with Denise because she doesn’t like Denise’s boyfriend. In fact, he’s highly unpopular because he treated her poorly and they broke up before only they’re back together. Virtually all of Denise’s close friends disapprove of the guy and so she can’t hang out with him and them at the same time and now it’s making her friendships strained and affecting their living arrangements.

I think we’ve all been in that situation in some capacity. Either as the person with the unpopular partner or as the disapproving friend. It’s a tough call really. Hopefullythings will work out for Denise. Personally, I haven’t met the guy so I can’t really say anything. He does seem to rub everyone I know the wrong way though.

I’ll leave you with that thought for today. What comes first for you?

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what comes first? definately the chicken.

Posted by mike @ 09/17/2003 06:43 PM AST

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