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Yes, two updates in two days. Now is this cool or what, someone should pat me on the back or give me money or something.

So I don’t give enough detail in my updates, I am too vague eh. I will attempt to give more detail, even though its hard as I am so used to not giving detail in any writing what so ever. But you want details, here you go.

Anyways, that party was probably one of the best ones I have gone to in the last few months. It had everything: lots of cool people and alcohol, thats what all a party needs right.

I get there about 8:30 with good old Daro and some guy known as ‘Hi’ or ‘Hai’ or something, but anyways it isn’t too happening so I have a couple of Tequila Jello things and a beer or two. Things seem better now, then the guy shows up that bought the beer, I don’t know him, but he must be cool as he brought the beer.
Drink more, then lots of people come and I stick to my group of friends. Then I start talking to some graduate from my school last year, and she got mad at me as apparantely I said she stunk like fish. So I said sorry and it was ok then, so I poured some beer into Wileys beer bong whilst he is lying on the ground guzzling it. After drinking two beers in about ten seconds I knew he wasn’t going to be to healthy, so I left him lying there, he was probably going to get better later on that night.

I talk to stinky fish graduate some more and then I see Daro doing some dodgy dance on the floor with some 15 year old. I laugh and continue the conversation with fishy person.
Then more people I know well come, so we get together and drink. Then a girl asked me and Daro to go with her to put something in that car, that trip lasted forever even though the car was parked just outside the house.

Some other girl throughout the night always hunted me down every fifteen minutes wanting gum, I said no everytime but then she hugged me and I couldn’t say no.

What kinda sucked was that Becca was flipping burgers this whole time. But I met one of her co-workers that later told her I was known as “Project Pat”, what the hell does that mean?

Back to the party, stinky fish girl then tells her friend I am Arabian in response to me saying she stunk like Halibut. And I think she seriously thought I was because she is very bad with recognising accents, stupid friend of fishy girl.
The Bass on the rap music was a little loud as my ears began to ring and then I ran out of beer.

I think Wiley may have bonged some tequila by now, I didn’t see him for about two hours ater I left him lying on the deck.
The party began to die down about 2am, so some guy with a truck gave me a ride home making me listen to Blind Melon and how working at McDonalds sucks.

I get home and attempt to chat to Edo and Jess simulataeously online, but gave up as I couldn’t think straight, then I had a nice nap.

Suddenlly work calls an hour eary, as one of the workers is fucking crying, stupid bitch. So I have to come in without having done my homework by the way and start making stinky sandwiches for stinky people.


Hows that for a more detailed update? Thats not vague.

Doing that for friday night is too hard, so I will just say I went out with Becca to a painting meeting, Mcdonalds and some girls house that made us sit in a day care centre in her basement. So I drank some orange juice.

Painting Boss swears a lot.

I still have to do homework and go do work for other job tonight.

Becca goes to the Gym everyday, why can’t she just hang out instead.


This update is longer than my ‘long’ one.

Look out for the second edition of the PAT awards.

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Patrick lives in South West London with his girlfriend and works in the online marketing industry. He enjoys attending buffets, running half marathons, complaining about Air Canada and watching rugby.

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